TV Soap Crap

I have been watching Punar Vivah, a popular daily soap aired on Zee TV from the past few days. Currently, they are showing the kidnapping of Ayu (or Ayur). The way they are showing the kidnapping and the failure of the entire family and the Police is so stupid and plainly illogical that I sometimes think that either the makers of the show consider us as fools or we are indeed fools. I can cite a few events they have shown in the last few episodes.

1. Aarti is called from Yash’s number and told that Yash has met with an accident. She panics and believes in the caller. Fair enough, we can understand. But nobody believes her when she says she received such a call. There are so many goof-ups in this single event.

i. Aarti does not carry her cell phone with her when she is confronted by her family.
ii. She never mentions she got a call to the Police. In fact, nobody bothers to tell this to the police.
iii. Ishita easily sneaks in her room and deletes the call history and no one seem to notice her going to Aarti’s room.
iv. It is easy to check with the mobile service provider and thus prove that Aarti indeed got call from Yash’s number.

2. The Sindhiya family is one of the most influential families in Bhopal, but they are not even able to find their missing child.
3. Surprisingly, the police does not even think that the kidnapper must be someone from the family. Not even the Police Commissioner.
4. The kidnappers reach their home on a bike to collect the ransom money from Ishita. Surprisingly nobody even hears the sound of the bike when they are trying to escape.

These are just a few illogical things I have noticed in the last 2-3 episodes I have watched. I wonder how many more have they shown till now (I have heard they recently completed 1000 Episodes!!!!). And it is just one TV soap. There are many shown on various channels and all have stupid stories. I asked my family how can they watch such stupid stories? They did not seem to mind at all. Come on now. There has to be something which makes sense. It is like assaulting your brains. Even David Dhawan comedies are better. You can escape in 3 hours. Forget movies, even CID does a better job when it comes to investigating such cases. Our middle class (especially women) are the ones who actually make such rubbish serials superhits and the makers continue to show us crap like this. When are we going to learn to reject such crap. We too deserve intelligent stories like the west and not just trash.

Are the TV soap makers listening?

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