The real reason for Indian cricket’s recent debacle

Today is Champions league final and is being played between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Whoever wins today, the assurance would be that the trophy would be won by an Indian team. It is the first time I think that there is no Chennai Super Kings in the Final or the semi final. The CSK team had looked a very tired team and the zeal to win was clearly missing. Much has been written in the recent times about M S Dhoni losing his Midas touch since the tour of West Indies where India could win only a single Test Match and the forgettable England series which was the first Test series Dhoni lost as a captain. Does it mean it is the end of the road for Dhoni and his team? Has Dhoni really lost his Midas touch? Is it time to change the Captain of the Indian team? Certainly not. First of all it is not an end of Dhoni’s successful stint as a captain. Secondly, it is wrong to call the recent successes as the result of Dhoni’s Midas touch. The guy named Dhoni is a fighter and it is his continuous efforts that India could win or draw overseas series’, be the numero uno Test team in the world for two years and win two world cups, the 20-20 and the 50-over world cup. How many captains of the previous Indian teams or the other teams of the world can boast of such a record? Were all these successes a mere fluke? Blaming the captain for the failures and not giving him credit for success is what people and many former cricketers do. I am really surprised at the way the former cricketers give their so called expert comments on cricket when many of them have themselves been failed cricketers.

Coming back to the scrutiny of Dhoni’s performance as captain and India’s recent failures in cricket, I would clearly blame BCCI for all the debacle. BCCI is busy in making money. I am not surprised at that since it is run by Politicians. For them it is a money making machine and it does not matter if the players are fatigued. As soon as the long and tiresome world cup was finished, the players were forced to play the IPL. No sooner the IPL finished, it was the West Indies tour and then the disastrous tour. Before the players can heave a sigh of relief, the champions league started where most of the Indian players had to play since there were as many as 4 Indian teams playing in the champions league. Though BCCI claims that the players are free to decide whether to play these domestic tournaments or not. But the reality is that they cannot say no since the Franchise owners have paid them huge sums of money to play and it being a part of their business, they force the players to play. The players are left with no choice and they go on playing till they get injured. If the players decide to skip an International tour, they are said to be running after money and are not patriotic.

If Indian Cricket has to rule the cricket world and go back to winning ways, gimmicks like the IPL have to be stopped. Instead of scheduling back to back tournaments, there should be a considerable gap between two different tournaments which will help the players to relax and rejuvenate their lost energy.

As a cricket lover and avid supporter of the Indian Cricket team I want to see India winning more and more tournaments.

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