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Rio Olympics

India in Olympics

As I am writing this article, the RIO Olympics is nearing to its end. India has managed to win two medals till now which is much less than what it won 4 years ago in London. There was as many as 119 players sent from India to compete in various games in the Olympics.… Read More

Narendra Modi

India Modi-fied


Finally the wait is over. Narendra Modi led BJP has won a massive amount of Seats and are all set the form the Government. It has been many months of non-stop campaigning for Mr. Modi and his team which has led to the ultimate win. For Congress, it was not just a loss, but a catastrophe.… Read More

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day????

Today is 67th Independence Day of India and everybody is wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day. But, where is the Independence? Are we really Independent? The Answer is No. We are not independent. There was no independence at all. We were first ruled by other countries, the last being Great Britain and now we are being ruled by the Politicians and the goons.… Read More