Qualities of a leader

Qualities of a Leader

1. Guts and courage

To be successful and rise in the professional echelons, you must have the guts and courage to stand up for what you believe. That is the mettle any aspiring CEO must be made of. Take responsibility for issues and settle them amicably, and fast. 

2. Infuse energy into your work

We tend to use only ten per cent of the energy that God gave us. Invest this energy in your work. Go about every day with passion. I worked tirelessly from nine in the morning to twelve in the night, for six-and-a-half days in the week, and it paid off.

3. Being seen and heard

While many of his counterparts were blazing the party circuit in Mumbai, AG’s style was radically different. He chose to stay in Ahmedabad, focusing his energies in working hard, inspiring his team and building the Mudra legacy from scratch. Hence the title of his book, The Invisible CEO. The word ‘invisible’ stems from his preference to maintain a low profile.

4. An advertising mantra

In an age where production values have improved by leaps and bounds, there is a tendency for the product to get lost. The challenge lies in making an ad that will inspire the viewer to buy the product, and not just say, “Wow, what a fabulous ad!” and proceed to purchase another brand.

5. What do you want to achieve?

Understand what you desire to achieve, and stay focused on your goal, always.

6. Are you proud of being an Indian?

Even as the advertising world looks towards the West for inspiration, the Mudra mantra was to be indigenous all the way. Let your Indianness shine through your work.

7. Look after your people

Give the people under you the chance and the opportunity to grow. Take care of their needs because your people are your strength.

8. Dare to dream BIG

Dhirubai Ambani, my mentor, taught me to dream big.

That is my advice to all young professionals. Dream big. The bigger the dream, the better.

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