Secularism or Humanity? What India needs?

What is Secularism?

If you go by the dictionary meaning, Secularism is “the belief that religion does not play any role in government, education, or other public parts of society”. Is India a secular nation? Unfortunately, Secularism is a termly widely (mis)used by politicial parties. According to them secularism is appeasement of a particular community only for the sake of getting votes. Since, the NDA goverment has been formed in the centre with BJP dominating the government, Secularism is often heard and widely debated in the social media.

There is a section of BJP and Modi supporters who are active on social media and voice their opinions. They are now more vocal thanks to Social media. But it has also created a group of people who are ready to lock horns with these BJP supporters just to prove they are liberals. There had been community clashes in the past, there have been murders in the past where people from one religion murdered someone from another religion. These event still occur, but since past year and a half, such instances are often linked to failure of the reigning government. Sadly, the media in our country is biased and are controlled by some political parties. A few senior journalists actually speak the language of their political bosses. They don’t even hesitate to invoke religious hatred amongst communities and all this is in the name of secularism. Since the past few days, Dadri lynching incident has been in limelight. A 50 year old muslim man was killed by a mob on suspicion of consuming beef. We still don’t know the real cause of the killing, but the media was quick to decide it was due to communal hatred spread by Modi government. All the so-called secular political parties have come ahead to show their sympathy to the family of the man who was killed. As per the latest reports, the family has received up to Rs. 4.5 million and they are happy with the compensation. Is this the first instance where a person from one community was killed by people from another community? There is a heavy outrage over the unfortunate incident because the victim was a muslim and the killers were Hindus. There is no outrage if any hindu is killed by Muslims. Any rational person will understand the reason.

Do we need Secularism?

Frankly, we don’t need Secularism. The need of the hour is to be human first. If we believe in humanity instead of secularism, won’t this unfortunate incidents like Dadri stop? Since Modi government came in power, there has been Beef Ban in many states. Immediately, the so called liberals and some biased journalists termed the decision as communal. A few celebrities who like to call themselves animal lovers outraged over the ban. A few pseudo-secular political parties termed this decision as anti-secular. Cow is sacred for Hindus and killing cows is a sin for them. So, how can a decision to ban cow slaughter for beef be against secularism? If we adopted humanity, wouldn’t we turn compassionate for all the living beings? Wouldn’t we believe in God and respect all the religions? And if we decide to turn human, would there be any need of secularism? I know this is practically not possible till the political parties stop thinking of vote bank politics and work for the growth of the country. It won’t be possible till Media stops being the pawns of political parties and be unbiased. And it will never be possible till we, the citizens of India, decide to change ourselves and start following and preaching humanity.

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