India Modi-fied


Finally the wait is over. Narendra Modi led BJP has won a massive amount of Seats and are all set the form the Government. It has been many months of non-stop campaigning for Mr. Modi and his team which has led to the ultimate win. For Congress, it was not just a loss, but a catastrophe. They have a lot to ponder over what happened. A self introspection of the dismal performance will make them realize that it was their bad policies and corrupt practices that resulted in the grave defeat. For the past 10 years people have seen lot of inflation with the prices of all the basic necessities shooting up followed by reckless statements from Congress leaders which was like making fun of the poor. The defeat of Congress in Delhi Assembly elections too failed to wake up the leadership who was caught napping. Both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi were surrounded by sycophants and they began to feel they are above everything and everyone. They refused to acknowledge the rising prices and turned a blind eye on their party members who were indulged neck-deep in corruption. And the biggest mistake they made was to think the public is fool and will forget everything over time.

On the other hand, Mr. Narendra Modi spent day and night towards development of his state Gujarat. Today, Gujarat is the most prosperous state in India. He, with his futuristic vision and a no-nonsense approach, soon became one of the most popular leaders in the Country. His critics always tried to bring him down by talking about the 2002 communal riots and his role in it, but he chose to ignore them and concentrated on the growth of his state. Soon people started looking up to him as their saviour. Since the day he was announced the Prime Ministerial candidate, people rejoiced and his opposition panicked. While he talked about growth, others spread hatred about him. All the Pseudo-secularists called him Communal, but he never retaliated. He realized that the number of Youth has grown and there will be many first time voters who don’t subscribe to the nonsense spread by Political parties. He reached them through social media while the others were busy trying to bring him down. People now were smarter and they were looking for a change.

This year we saw an increase in the number of voters, most of them youth. Modi’s opposition often called him Communal and Divisive but the fact was they themselves were playing the communal card. Their sole motto was to appease the minorities and low caste people to gain votes. However, they have been totally rejected by the Indian public who have now understood that supporting such leaders is against their own good. All the political bigwigs had to bite dust. While Modi was humble after his victory, the losers still sounded arrogant. Congress is still trying to make Manmohan Singh responsible for the debacle and want to shield Rahul. But the fact is neither Rahul has the charisma nor the intellect to lead the country. The whole Congress party has been responsible for the election debacle because they chose to ignore the truth.

Now that we have a stable government who is free of ally pressure and virtually free of poor opposition, we can expect Mr. Modi to work wonders for the country. I can foresee India as one of the most developed nation in the next decade. If BJP and Mr. Modi fulfill our expectations, then they will at least rule for another 50 years.

It is now time to rejoice and welcome the new dawn.

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