Happy Rainy Season

So, finally the Monsoon is here in Mumbai. After playing hide and seek for a week, the rain gods finally smiled. It is literally pouring cats and dogs since Saturday night. Though many a plans may have been spoilt, people are nevertheless happy to finally get rid of the heat.

The rains take me back to my childhood which would mean end of the summer vacation. The rainy season for more than one reason was never my favourite though I loved getting drenched in the rain. The main reason for not loving this season was the very thought of going back to school. The other reason was the pathetic conditions of the road and the school was at a considerable distance. So, walking to school in rain was one of the most boring tasks. But rain would also mean playing football with friends and getting dirty in the mud. Though we enjoyed playing football in the rain, for most of us it would never be a happy ending. The football matches would always be followed by scolding by parents and we used to think how boring our parents are, they don’t even know how to enjoy life.

Now that we are all grown up, things are not the same for us anymore. Now, rains mean lot of flooding, slow moving traffic, railway woes etc. Most of us show on face how excited we are watching the heavy rain, but deep inside everyone is worried about all the hardships they may face. While the celebrities go gaga over the rains sitting in comfy in their cosy homes, the middle class and the poor people hardly enjoy the season. A poor man will always be worried about finding way to make ends meet, to fix the leaking roof so that his family can stay well in their modest home and possible floods which will make his life miserable. Middle class people are always worried about reaching their work places and back to their homes in heavy rains. The public transport always dies in heavy rains making it difficult to commute. The rainy season also brings along with it many diseases which mean the middle class people experience a hike in the medical expenditure. Not that all rich people are not affected with the negative sides of the rains, their woes can hardly be compared with the common people.

The rainy season does not entirely mean troubles. You can still enjoy magical moments at home when it is raining heavily outside. There are a few things you can do to enjoy this phenomenon called Rain.

  1. Eat spicy onion pakodas also known as bhajiyas with Masala chai.
  2. Watch Hindi Movies on TV.
  3. Listen to Hindi rain songs.
  4. Read a book
  5. Write something (for people who love writing like me)
  6. Sit back and watch the falling rain.
  7. Sit with kids (if you have) and play with them.
  8. And lucky ones can get away to some place of scenic beauty and enjoy the beauty of the nature.

And if nothing above works, go to sleep. It is a tried and tested formula and works wonderfully. Happy Rainy Season!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Rainy Season”

  1. Prashant Dilip Jadhav says:

    Nice article sir. You remind me my childhood days though above article. Last but not the least let have Chai with Onion Pakoda

  2. Prashant Dilip Jadhav says:

    Nice article sir. You remind me my childhood days through above article. Last but not the least lets have Chai with Onion Pakodas

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