Happy Independence Day????

Happy Independence Day

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Today is 67th Independence Day of India and everybody is wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day. But, where is the Independence? Are we really Independent? The Answer is No. We are not independent. There was no independence at all. We were first ruled by other countries, the last being Great Britain and now we are being ruled by the Politicians and the goons. There is a constitution formed to protect the people which instead protects the law breakers. Everywhere there is corruption and a general belief is that there cannot be any work done without bribing. When there are demands for Anti corruption laws by the people, they are tormented by the politicians. The common man is always advised to stop giving bribes to stop corruption. But the corrupt are never advised to stop accepting bribes, neither is there any action taken against the corrupt. The Police is a mere puppet in the hands of these politicians who are ruling the country and looting the people. If some honest officer cracks down on the mafia, instead of lauding him/her, the officer is suspended by the government  and the culprits are protected.

We, Indians are so sensitive that our religious sentiments get hurt anytime and anywhere, but we ignore the innocent poor people who are dying due to starvation and malnutrition. We don’t get moved by their plight, but when it comes to religion, we are very sentimental. Poor cannot raise their voices as they are always suppressed by the powerful. Middle class people pay all their taxes regularly and never get any benefit as all the benefits are given only to the rich. The Government comes up with various schemes for the poor, but all the money is transferred to the ministers’ Swiss bank accounts. The Parliament is called the Temple of Democracy, but it is a temple where you hardly find gods residing. The Parliament is occupied by those politicians who think it is their birth right to stall the proceedings of the Parliament over petty issues and waste the hard earned money of common people. The politicians fight against each other, but whenever there is any demand to cover them under the RTI Act, they are all united. There is an old hindi saying “Chor Chor Mausere bhai” which is proved by these politicians. If someone rants about them, he/she is questioned as to what is his contribution that he/she is talking against them. Does it mean that if I am paying taxes regularly, I am not contributing anything to the country?

India is one of the richest countries in the world, but also has one of the highest number of poor people. What is the reason? The reason is fairly simple. There are no efforts to provide them basic amenities and jobs. Welfare schemes are announced, but hardly any welfare scheme reaches the poor. Also, there will be no reason for welfare schemes if everyone is provided employment. Before Independence, India’s primary occupation was Agriculture and there was enough to feed everyone. Today, Farmers are committing suicide because of poverty and prices of food is rising, but there is no concrete action taken to help the farmers and curb the rising prices. On top of that stupid politicians make foolish statements like “Families earning less than Rs. 32/- per day are only poor” and “You can have a proper meal for Rs. 12/-“ Someone also said you can have a full meal for Re. 1 which actually should be you can get to see video of a full meal for Re. 1. Another guy said “Poverty is just a state of mind”. If this is the quality of the so called leaders, one can imagine the state of the nation. The Infrastructure is so poor that we should feel ashamed of it. The conditions of roads are pathetic, trains never run on time, even Airports get flooded by water during rains. What is the use of being one of the richest countries where no money is spent where necessary?

Since Independence, the country is facing threats from our neighbouring countries who are always at a war with us violating ceasefires and killing the innocent soldiers. Since past 30 years India is facing threats from Terrorists and innocent people dying due to terror attacks. The common man is constantly living under fear, but our politicians are unmoved. Some shameless minister proclaims that the soldiers are meant to die for the nation. Still such shameless people are allowed to rule the country. There is no respect for the soldiers who lay their lives to protect the nation from enemies. Whenever there are terrorist attacks, the government announces compensation for the injured and the families of the dead. They feel that their duty is over as soon as the compensation is announced. There is hardly any effort to ensure that the compensation money reaches the right hands. Common people don’t want money for life, they want security for life, but they are provided neither.

Lastly, since morning I have been seeing people sending Independence Day wishes via Whatsapp messages, SMS, Facebook, Twitter. I wonder how many of them even saluted the National Flag.

I refuse to say “Happy Independence Day” and I have my reasons for that.

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