Today everybody is well acquainted with the new Facebook profile page change known as “TIMELINE”. The research shows that this feature is majorly disliked by the masses.

Timeline is Facebook’s attractive way of presenting your profile to the world. It replaces your conventional profile page leaving you with a revealing space for your favorite/weird pictures. Timeline is also called as a scrapbook of your whole life over the web. Majority of the people don’t even want to activate it as Facebook leaves an option “Do or Die”; if you activate the Timeline, Facebook leaves you just a week which isn’t enough to understand all the features & once you have published your timeline, there’s simply no possibility in heading back & reviewing your old profile page! Yes, that’s true, you cannot get your old profile page back & timeline would be the only one for you.

Though I fall in the category who likes these new peculiarities of Facebook. Every feature nonetheless has flaws as it carries the decent factors even. It’s said that the facebook team is working on the imperfections of Timeline. I sincerely hope that the timeline gets better with time.

I have noted down some pros & cons of “Facebook Timeline” as follows:-

  • Pros
  1. You can customize your profile with a large cover image at the top.
  2. The Facebook Timeline allows you to rewind and find out everything you had been saying until your birth.
  3. Facebook layout is really cool with ticker tape news feed aside.
  4. Can simply hide out stories that you do not wish to show up on your timeline and can unsubscribe to the updates of irritating people within your friends list.
  • Cons
  1. The ticker tape news feed is ugly.
  2. If you’re not diligent you will get embarrassed.
  3. The poke button is much harder to find.
  4. Once published, you can’t undo your act.


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