Customer is no longer the King

“Customer is the King”. For ages, we have been hearing this maxim. Most of us have been taught to treat the customer as a king. Sales used to be just selling to the customer. Goods once sold will not be taken back was the de facto standard. This was true till a few years ago. Today, it it is no longer the case. With the advent of Technology especially Information Technology, the way businesses are run has changed. And so have the sales and marketing processes.

Many Traditional Businesses have adopted new methods as they have realized it is the best way to go forward. Those Businesses that are reluctant to adopt technology are slowly losing ground. Today when a customer buys something from a seller, he looks at the worth it will bring to his business. For example,  a company adopts SAP because it is looking for efficient ways to run the business with reduction in costs and increase in revenue. A few years ago, people were reluctant to use the Internet for business as there were trust issues regarding security. When we look at today’s world, we realize how much technology has changed our lives. People are now freely using online payment systems to make purchases, net banking facilities for money transactions and IT for business. This has opened doors to new ideas of conducting business.

Today the sellers are looking upon their customers as not the King but as a Partner. The term “Sales” is replaced with “Business Development”.  According to me the term Business Development means I will help you to grow your business. Being in IT industry, when we sell a solution to a customer, the solution is intended to help his business grow. More than decade ago, a website was considered to be a waste of money, later it was used as a marketing tool. Now, a website is used as a business tool. All investments by a company are intended to increase the revenue. I can help a customer’s business to grow only when I consider him/her as a partner. My contribution to my customer’s growth will open doors to endless possibilities of my growth. Thus it is a win-win situation for both.

Customer is no longer the King. Long live the King!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Customer is no longer the King”

  1. Rahul Pednekar says:

    I would consider this as your perception.

    Been in Customer Service industry/profile for last 13 years, we have been serving customers for the products that are marketed/ sold. For being on top Customer Satisfaction/experience wrt products or services they take are key attributes for continuous improvements and to set business benchmarks. If there are no Customers then whom shall you sell, promote or market your product. On what basis you will gauage your product and it’s development.

    Hence Customer will always be a “Supremo”..

  2. Smita says:

    Rightly said. We are entering the age of co-developments…. It’s only when it customers grow your business will get momentum .. your competitors are no longer your rivals but your development partners… Grow and let grow ..

  3. Sunil says:

    Well written…good thoughts as well. ..

  4. Nitesh Shah says:

    Rahul, I guess you misunderstood. I don’t mean to say the customer satisfaction is at low priority. It will always remain the highest priority. My point is that today’s customer does not buy products or services considering the satisfaction level. But they are willing to invest in some product/service which gives them a ROI. A customer will be ready to pay me an extra $100 for my product/service if it helps him to increase his revenue by $500. By treating your customer as your partner you are actually helping him grow his business. Customer satisfaction is and will always remain the topmost priority for any company.

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