Cricket and India

So, the T20 World Cup 2012 is nearing its end and on Sunday it will be decided if the Lankans lift the World Cup or the Carribeans will have the last laugh. We, Indians were clearly disappointed when India failed to qualify for the semi finals and everyone was unhappy with the way Australia gave away the match to Pakistan. The average Indian cricket fan (including me) think Australia lost the match purposely so that India cannot reach the Semi Final. How Happy we were when both Pakistan and Australia lost the semi final matches? We are not unhappy with the performance of the Indian team who won 4 out of the 5 matches and lost only one. We take consolation from the fact that India beat their arch rivals Pakistan and that is more than a World Cup win for us.

In midst of all these, there is a constant buzz around the Indian Team’s performance with each and sundry ex-cricketer giving their expert advices and comments. Expert is a questionable term because most of them are either failed cricketers themselves who never knew how to win when they played for the country or have little or no knowledge about Cricket. Even the ex-cricketers of other countries comment more on Indian team than the team of their own country. I don’t understand what they have to do with how Indians are playing Cricket and why do they have advices for the Indian Captain. Each ex-cricketer from other countries tries to find flaw with the Indian Team and praise their own team even though their team lose more matches than India. Also, noteworthy is how former cricketers want Dhoni to be sacked as the Captain and someone else be appointed one. It is rather easy to comment than to be the one who actually has to lead a team. A team comprising of friends as well as ones who are not foes but are certainly not the ones who are friendly with him. And with whom would you replace Dhoni as the Captain? Virender Sehwag is not the one who can lead, he is too self-
centered and India needs him more as an explosive Batsman who will win matches for his country. Gambhir is touted as the ideal replacement as the Captain. However, he is not in best of his form from the past 2 years and certainly cannot captain a team successfully. His claim to fame is only winning IPL 2012 which is more of an Entertainmen than serious Cricket. He has won a couple of series’ against international opponents but even those teams did not boast of having big match winners. The only other player capable for Captainship is Virat Kohli who has proved with great powers come great responsibilities and has been performing exceedingly well since he was made the vice-captain of the Indian team. However, he is too young and inexperienced and will need some more time to excel as a leader before shouldering such a huge responsibilty. It means there is no option than continuing Dhoni as the Captain and let Kohli train under him and get him ready to lead the Indian Team in the 2015 edition of the 50 overs World Cup. Dhoni is no saint and we need his shrewed brains to bring Indian Cricket back on track.

All the hue and cry is because India lost to both England and Australia by 4-0. Everyone conveniently forgets that those series’ were played outside India where the home team makes all efforts to create wickets that suit them. The same teams will be trashed by India when they visit India and who knows they both may even get a 4-0 drubbing. Will that again make Indian Team as invincible and the opponents weaker? All the countries have their own weaknesses and that has been witnessed in the last few series they have played against each other. People also forget that winning and losing are part of sports and have to be taken in stride. It is not that the team is losing each and every game they play. It is the same team that trashed the Srilankans in their own backyard. It only proves that the Indian team is not at all weak and there is no problem with the Captain as well. Dhoni as a Captain is continously trying to create a team which can win the 2015 World Cup. He has successfully done the same for the 2011 World Cup and he should be actually supported for the same. On the contrary, he is pressurised to continue with more reputed players who are clearly under performing. On top
of that there is a certain gentleman who is undoubtedly one of the greatest the world has ever seen, but lately growing more selfish. SRT is one player who decides which series he will play and which he will sit out and thus confuse everyone. Even the selectors are afraid of asking him to retire directly and the future of many talented players are going bleak because of playing the waiting game. So, by the time these players will get chance to play for the team, they will have wasted a good time of their life and then will not be able to perform and will perish. There are likes of Pujaras, Dhawans, Badris, Rahanes and the Tiwarys who are not given chance to play because the big players are selected despite bad form.

All in all, the entire setup of Indian cricket has to changed with non-performing players forced to play domestic cricket to gain form, the talented young guys given chance to prove themselves, bold decisions to be taken by the selection committe while selecting the Team for future tours and series’ and not to forget politely asking Mr. Tendulkar to retire and give way to young players. These changes are necessary if we want Indian Team to come on top again in World Cricket. And, sacking Dhoni as the Captain is certainly not the best of options.

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