Ban on Cow Slaughter – A Welcome Move

Monday 2nd March, 2015 was a significant day in the history of Maharhastra and India. The NDA government finally got the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Bill passed once the honourable president Mr. Pranab Mukherjee gave his assent to the bill. There cannot be enough thanks to both the President and the Maharashtra government. It is a welcome move which will prevent slaughter of cows as well as bullocks. Also, it provisions imprisonment of 5 years and a fine of Rs. 10,000/- if anybody is found to be selling beef or possessing beef.

Cow is worshipped by Hindus and it is believed to be the home of 33 crore hindu deities. Hindus consider Cow as a mother and they not only worship the cow, but they respect and adore the cow. Lord Krishna used to refer to Cows as mothers and is known to be a cowherd as a kid. Lord Krishna’s childhood was spent in tending the cows and calves. This example is enough to show the importance of Cows for Hindus.

Unfortunately, the move to ban cow slaughter has not gone too well with many people. There have been many tweets condemning the ban with the hashtag #BeefBan. The writer of this piece has also had banters with arguments with a few people who are against the bill. There have been lame excuses given by them on why they don’t support this bill. Here are some of them

1. India is a secular country and nobody can ban eating beef.
2. We are a democracy and we have rights to decide what to eat.
3. Would the government also ban extracting milk?

There are also a lot of celebrities who are against this bill. Most of these celebrities don’t have any other business than giving their opinions on
everything that is good. They consider themselves as intellectuals but they way they are opposing the cow slaughter makes us to seriously doubt their
intelligence. The good thing is that I have seen many people born as muslims supporting this bill but the worst part is that many born as hindus are
opposing the bill.

All said and done, it is a very bold move by the Maharastra government and according to latest reports, a similar bill will be passed in Jharkhand too. If that happens all over the country, it would be indeed called Achhe Din.

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