Welcome to www.niteshn.info. I am from Mumbai and hold a Bachelors’ degree in Commerce from Mumbai University. I work in Trunkoz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as Manager – Systems. I love reading and writing is a hobby. I read a lot and the reading habit has inspired me to create this website where I pen my thoughts on almost everything. My busy schedule does not allow me the leisure to write often, but I try to take out some time to write this blog. Apart from reading and writing, I love watching movies. I am a move buff and follow Indian Film Industry. When I am not reading or writing, I spend time watching movies. I also love to follow the Bollywood Box-Office and the business part of the movies excite me a lot. I plan to write a lot in my blog and would love to write articles on almost every topic.

My Name: Nitesh

My Age: I am just 18 (Twice Over)

My Education: Bachelors Degree in Commerce

My Job: Manager – Systems

My Work Experience: 14 years and still counting

My Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Movies, Tweeting

My Dream: To write a book one day

My Facebook Address: https://www.facebook.com/nitaishonline

My Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/nitaish

My Other Websites: http://www.techknowlogy.in   http://www.storyclub.in

My Motto: Live and Let Live